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  • EXTENDS PROFESSIONAL DENTAL CLEANING BENEFITS: After a professional dental cleaning, the bacteria that occur naturally in the mouth — both beneficial and undesirable — have been neutralized. This is a good time to introduce ProBiora Professional Strength, which features a highly concentrated blend of patented ProBiora3 probiotics to help extend the benefits of a dental cleaning. 
  • ORAL PROBIOTIC: ProBiora Professional Strength is specially designed specifically for oral health and dental care because they balance good and bad bacteria in the mouth. These specially formulated mints each contain our patented, concentrated blend of probiotics called ProBiora3, which works to create the perfect balance of good bacteria in your mouth. ProBiora Professional Strength is our highest strength version of our oral health tablets. 
  • FRESENS BREATH & GENTLY WHITENS TEETH: These specially formulated, one-a-day tablets can keep your mouth feeling fresh longer between brushings, knocking out the bad bacteria that cause halitosis. The probiotics also get to work staggering the release of low doses of hydrogen peroxide that gradually helps with discoloration. 
  • PATENTED PROBIOTIC BLEND FROM THE MOUTH FOR THE MOUTH: This unique blend of ingredients, developed over 30 years of research, is designed to adhere to teeth and the area below the gumline, crowding out undesirable bacteria that cause stinky breath and other dental problems. We are the only oral-care probiotic on the market with this unique strain blend and mechanism. Everyone else claims to be an oral-care probiotic, but their strains are from the throat and gut. 
  • 30+ YEARS OF RESEARCH: Landmark oral health research led by microbiologist Jeffrey D. Hillman, DMD, PhD, and a team or researchers, along with 30 years of other clinical research, led to the development of ProBiora probiotics. Taken daily, our probiotics provide a proactive approach to help restore and maintain oral health.

ProBiora Health

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