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About this item 

  • For your oral health -​​ PerioSciences Hydrating Oral Care System is a three-product system to be used daily by individuals who need extra hydration in the mouth. 
  • Natural ingredients - This dental care kit is made using our signature antioxidants and botanicals such as Phloretin and Ferulic Acid. The hydrating toothpaste and mouthwash contain Provitamin B5 which attracts and retains moisture in tissue, shielding it from irritation. 
  • Dentist recommended - PerioSciences has worked with dentists for over 10 years to perfect our formula containing scientifically proven ingredients that focus on the mouth's natural defense system. Our products are recommended and used by over 1000 dentists nationwide. 
  • Easy to use - Brush teeth with AO ProToothpaste. Rinse with 1 tsp of AO ProRinse for up to 1 minute then spit out. Apply a pea-sized amount of AO ProVantage Gel to gums using a fingertip or cotton swab, let gel dissolve, then spit out. Do not eat or drink for 30 minutes after application. 
  • Redefining Oral Care with Antioxidants - PerioSciences believes in harnessing the power of nature using antioxidants and science in a novel dual approach by using ingredients known to have properties that keep your oral health and your smile at its best.

PerioSciences Oral Care Kit

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